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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oscar Ramiro Ortega arrested in Pennsylvania days after bullet hits window of the White House residence - 16th Nov 2011

After a manhunt for a disturbed gunman who is suspected of shooting at the White House with an AK-47 assault rifle and smashing a window, he was captured in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Police said Oscar Ramiro Ortega - who is thought to have a fixation on the building - opened fire across a lawn from half a mile away then ran off.

He was found by a Pennsylvania state trooper at a hotel near Indiana, Pennsylvania, shortly after noon on Wednesday.

When the White House was checked a round was found to have gone into a window and was only stopped from going inside by the bulletproof glass interior layer behind it.

A second round was found outside.

Barack and Michelle Obama were not in the White House at the time. He was in California en route to the APEC summit in Hawaii.

The Secret Service has not yet been able to definitely link the two incidents but were hunting Ortega, 21.

They said that he is mentally disturbed and had been in Washington for weeks before opening fire, coming back and forth to Washington Mall.

Agents said he is unpredictable and were extremely worried what he might do next.

They were also unsure if he is capable of launching a more sophisticated attack. Read More