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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy A Desk! Fed-up bankers hold rival protest AGAINST Wall St demonstrators as dozens are arrested in 'day of action' - 17th Nov 2011

New York is today facing major disruption as tens of thousands of protesters are expected to flood into Manhattan to support Occupy Wall Street as the movement celebrates its two-month anniversary.

But as protesters marched in Manhattan to begin a 'day of action' - in which they are expected to try to paralyse New York's subway system - two Wall Street bankers held a demonstration of their own.

Derek and John Tabacco, two brothers who work in the financial district, stood next to the Occupy protesters holding up signs reading 'Get a job' and 'Occupy a Desk', before others joined them.

Derek Tabacco was not happy as he tried to get to the offices of his financial technology company and was carrying a sign with a blunt message for the protesters.

'We work on Wall Street, we cannot get to work,' he told Fox News. 'These people are in our way.' He wants to 'deny these vagabonds a photo op in front of the global symbol of capitalism'.

John Tabacco, CEO of his stocks business LocateStock, was quoted by The Examiner last month saying protesters should instead be demonstrating in Washington D.C. against the Obama administration. Read More