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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Bristol: Anti-capitalist protesters set up slum city with wooden pallet shacks on historic civic green - 17th Nov 2011

Anti-capitalist demonstrators have constructed a ‘slum city’ made of wooden shacks on an historic civic green.

Campaigners camped in Bristol have replaced tents with huts built from discarded wood and pallets and fitted with front doors and windows.

Some have a range of home comforts including wood-burning stoves, wardrobes, sofas and kitchen tables and chairs.

Protesters said they eventually want to switch all the tents with what they described as ‘mini houses’ that will reach up to three storeys high.

The development came as protesters camped at St Paul’s Cathedral last night flaunted a demand to leave sparking a legal battle expected to cost taxpayers up to £1millon. Read More