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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nursery School Bus Crash Kills 18, China - 16th Nov 2011

A heavily overloaded nursery school bus has collided with a truck, killing 18 passengers and injuring 44 in northwest China.

The nursery school bus was a nine-seat minivan, but was packed with 64 passengers when it crashed head on into a lorry on the way to the nursery.

Most of the casualties were young children from the Little Doctor Kindergarten in the county of Zhengning.

Four toddlers and the bus driver died at the scene, while 15 others died on the way to hospital.

A further 44 people, mostly children, are being treated in hospital, with 12 suffering serious injuries.

Authorities have promised a crackdown on poor safety standards but have come under heavy fire over China's rapid road network expansion and poorly policed rural roads.

An investigation into the accident is under way. Source