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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Zealand 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake and the 91 Dead Whales - 18th Nov 2011

This Morning a 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake struck off the Coast of New Zealand, this comes within 24 hours after the news broke that all 91 Whales stranded over the weekend in Australia and New Zealand had died.

Could there be a link between big earthquakes and Whale beaching?

Article 17th Nov 2011;

91 whales stranded in Australia and New Zealand died over the Weekend - 16th Nov 2011

Rescuers have been unable to save the last surviving sperm whale from separate mass-strandings in Australia and New Zealand that have seen 91 whales die since the weekend.

Though whale strandings are relatively common in both countries, the past few days have been particularly tough for conservation authorities.

In all, 24 sperm whales and two minke whales died in a stranding on and around remote Ocean Beach in Tasmania. In an equally remote New Zealand location, the tip of Farewell Spit in the South Island, 65 pilot whales died.

Note: On the 4th of March 2011, 50 whales where stranded in Japan. Only 22 survived. 5 days following the beaching on the 9th of March a strong 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake struck Japan which was followed by the 9.1 magnitude just 2 days later on the 11th March 2011.

On the 21st Feb 2011, 107 Pilot whales died Southern tip of New Zealand's South Island, within hours a 6.1 Magnitude hit near Christchurch. Source