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Thursday, November 24, 2011

How opposition between a weak president obsessed with re-election and a cast of buffoons and grotesques has left America gridlocked - 24th Nov 2011

With the world crying out for leadership, America has a weak President obsessed by re-election. But my bet is Obama will scrape back in because he’s opposed by buffoons and grotesques. The chilling alternative: one of the lunatics could win…

President Bill Clinton once sighed: ‘I could have been a great President, if I’d lived in great times.’ Well, here we are today hardly living in ‘great times’ — but rather mightily troubled ones.

Markets tremble as the eurozone totters. The confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme threatens to escalate. The United States has just signed a historic agreement about future force deployments in Australia, a reflection of mounting alarm about the strategic challenge from China.

Yet it is hard to suggest that Western nations are being governed by leaders remotely capable of matching the hour. The southern eurozone has been obliged to place itself in political receivership, abandoning government by elected representatives — a terrifying development for democracies.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France would be a laughing stock, if he did not occupy such a critical post. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel might be an adequate city mayor, but is visibly overwhelmed by her responsibility for saving the European financial system. Britain’s David Cameron is marginalised.

More important still, however, is the vacuum across the Atlantic.
President Barack Obama, who took office almost three years ago amid such high hopes, now clings to the White House amid collapsed poll ratings and a real threat that the American people will evict him at next autumn’s election. Read More