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Thursday, November 17, 2011

How did Eskimos get hold of a bronze 'buckle' 1,400 years ago? - 17th Nov 2011

A bronze 'buckle' believed to be 1,400 years old had been unearthed in Alaska for the first time - and archeologists are mystified about how it got there.

The artifact was found in sediment as they dug on a site where a 1,000-year-old Inupiat home was built.

The two inch by one inch object - which seems to have been molded - appears to have been part of a harness.

How it got to Alaska is a mystery - although it is thought it may have been brought by Eskimos from East Asia around 1,400 years ago and passed down through the generations.

'The object appears to be older than the house we were excavating by at least a few hundred years,' research assistant John Hoffecker said.

The 'buckle', found at the house near Cape Espenberg on Alaska's Seward Peninsula, has a rectangular bar connected to a broken circular ring. Read More