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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halt of crop farming in Fukushima forces manure to accumulate on cattle farms - 4th Nov 2011

Two months after a government ban on beef was lifted, cattle farmers here are growing increasingly desperate as nearby vegetable farmers have halted production due to the ongoing nuclear disaster, leaving nowhere to take the accumulating manure that was previously used as fertilizer.

"When vegetable farmers are pushed into a dead end, there's a domino effect that puts us into dire straits, too," says 51-year-old Kazunori Mizunoya, a cattle farmer raising some 600 cows in Nakajima, a village located 70 kilometers from the troubled nuclear power station.

Not only is the fertilizer shed overflowing with manure, the cows in the barn stand in their own excrement nearly 70 centimeters deep. They sometimes shake their massive bodies as if they're trying to wiggle free.

Cows like to be clean, and suffer high stress levels and illness when kept in unhygienic conditions. Indeed, almost half the cows in Mizunoya's barn are experiencing deteriorating health. Read More