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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great White Shark Attack at Pigeon Point, California - 22nd Nov 2011

A kayaker was attacked by a white shark,15 - 16 feet in length, off Pigeon Point on November 22nd. The kayaker was not injured, with the kayak taking the strike from the shark.

Here's a quote about the incident from a NorCal Kayak Anglers forum:
"Just got a phone call from Ted/Golfish. He and Harry were fishing in 20 FOW by the big rock Island right across the launch site. Harry's kayak was hit and his kayak took much of the brunt. He is doing OK. Ted was close enough to witness the attack. He will post pics of the bite marks on Harry's kayak as soon as he gets home. The White shark was estimated to be at least 15-16 feet long."

Sean Walker, who fishes by kayak up north through the summer, and is a friend of Ted's shares his thoughts on the encounter: "They (white sharks) are migratory fish, and these are most likely teenager fish (15-16'), just swimming by, and they are going to check things out. They are like kids you know, like this one hit the boat (gray Hobie in 20 feet of water), and it took off. It sounded like it was only an exploratory thing, not a predatory thing."

Depth: 20 feet (close to shore)
boat: gray Hobie
Bite: 16" (width) x 23" (vertical) and went completely through the hull in 6 places. Source