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Monday, November 28, 2011

German protesters target nuclear train - 28th Nov 2011

More than 1300 protesters were arrested as police tried to clear the way for a train carrying nuclear waste from France to continue its journey.

GERMAN police have battled thousands of anti-nuclear protesters, many chained to railway tracks, who have caused delays as they try to block a train carrying radioactive waste.

The convoy taking the German waste on a 1200km journey from a reprocessing centre in northwestern France to a storage facility in northern Germany was stopped for 18 hours, including overnight, amid mass demonstrations.

Thousands of activists swarmed the tracks along the route near the train's final destination in Dannenberg and boasted that the odyssey's duration had now topped the 92-hour record set during a shipment one year ago.

Police said on they detained about 1300 people, including some who had chained themselves to the railway, requiring tricky and time-consuming operations to free them before the train could slowly rumble on.

Some 150 people were injured in clashes, most of them demonstrators, according to security forces quoted by German news agency DPA. Read More