Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five hospitalised after being sprayed with sulphuric acid that fell off back of a lorry near Buckingham Palace - 17th Nov 2011

Five people have been hospitalised after they were sprayed with sulphuric acid as they walked near Buckingham Palace.

The substance was thought to have dropped from the back of a lorry before mixing with concrete and being thrown into the air.

The incident, which took place at around 11am outside the Grosvenor Hotel, also forced local shops to close.

Local worker Ben Gister said: 'There were a lot of police and fire engines, about 15 police cars and ten fire engines, and the road was closed from roughly 11am till 2pm.

'The emergency workers had all their chemical suits on, it was like a scene out of ET, but once they washed the road and put another chemical down to neutralise it they left.

'When it first happened we had no idea what was going on and it did cross our mind that it might be a terrorist, attack, but I would have liked to think they would have evacuated the area it that was the case.' Read More