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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook admits to cyber attack that deluged users in vile porn and horror images - but says it is 'working to improve its systems' - 16th Nov 2011

The news feeds of thousands of Facebook users were flooded with violent and pornographic photographs after an attack by hackers, a spokewoman for the social networking site confirmed.

Thousands of users around the world were confronted with the videos and images - some of which were doctored to show pornographic pictures of celebrities including teen star Justin Bieber.

'This seems to be a purely malicious act,' said security company Sophos. 'Facebook has a reputation for maintaining a reasonably family friendly environment and most Facebook users don't expect dead dogs and penises showing up on their wall.'

Users were tricked into pasting malware into their browsers, which in turn resulted in the sharing of offensive content, she said.

The attack exploited vulnerabilities in browser software, not Facebook itself - which made it difficult for the site to respond to the flood of spam.

Facebook's own 'anything-goes' approach to sharing led users to think they were safe to post computer script into their browsers.

Facebook now says the attack is 'under control'. Read More