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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cities face Occupy movement's 'mass day'

Protesters in New York launched what they called an effort to "shut down Wall Street" Thursday morning at the beginning of a nationwide day of what could be the Occupy movement's largest protests yet.

From New York to Los Angeles, organizers were calling for a "mass day of action" to mark two months since the movement began.

A heavy police presence was in place as protesters kicked off the effort with the early morning demonstration against Wall Street.

CNN personnel could see about a dozen people arrested, including a retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, who had joined with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. CNN saw him arrested and as he stood with other protesters in the middle of a street near Wall Street on Thursday morning.

On its Twitter Feed, Occupy Wall Street reported the arrest and added the hashtag "#shame."

Earlier, on CNN's "American Morning," Howard Wolfson, a New York City deputy mayor, vowed, "We'll make sure, if people want to peacefully protest, they have the right to." But, he added, "if people break the law, we'll have to deal with that."

"If they attempt to enter a building they're not allowed in, that's breaking the law. If they want to express their concerns about Wall Street, that's totally fine," Wolfson said.

"It could be a very fluid situation," he said, noting that "police on the ground are very well trained to deal with these situations." more