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Friday, November 4, 2011

Brandon Lowry, 19, faces jail after posting Facebook photo of 64 shot birds ... when legal limit is four kills a day - 3rd Nov 2011

A teenager could be jailed after he posted a photo on his Facebook profile page showing 64 ducks that had been shot.

Brandon Lowry, 19, of Norco, Louisiana, has been cited by the state's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for violating the limits set for the shooting of migratory birds.

Hunting fan Lowry posted a photo showing 64 dead blue-winged teal ducks along with 12 hunters.

Agents interviewed all the hunters involved and found other Facebook postings that made them believe Lowry had gone over the daily kill and possession limits.

According to the agency, Lowry admitted he shot too many birds when he was questioned by agents.

The daily limit is four birds per person per day with a two-day possession limit of eight.

Lowry told investigators he exceeded the daily limit one day and shot the legal on two other days. Read More