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Friday, November 4, 2011

Attacker 'slashed at victim 14 times with machete' in chicken restaurant , New Jersey - 3rd Nov 2011 - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

This is the shocking moment a trio are caught on camera viciously attacking a restaurant customer, while one of them swings wildly at the man with a machete.

The group brutally attacked the lone victim inside U.S. Chicken in Paterson, New Jersey, as one of the men wielded the large blade and slashed at the helpless customer.

At the end of the attack the three men flee from the restaurant, as the bloodied man lies sprawled across the restaurant.

And to complete the shocking attack, as the group leave one of the men lands a vicious kick on the victim's head.

Police say the attack, as well as another assault carried out on a different customer minutes earlier, were both unprovoked.

Officers believe Tyree Seegers, 22, hacked at the second man 14 times with a machete during the attack on September 10.

His attack was so wild that at one point he chops into accomplice Omar Villota, 22, who is allegedly continually pistol-whipping the victim. Read More