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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Army defectors attack military base with rockets and machine guns as Syria slides towards civil war - 16th Nov 2011

Syrian army defectors have launched a major attack on an intelligence complex on the edge of Damascus, activists claimed today.

Members of the Free Syrian Army fired shoulder-mounted rockets and machine guns at a large Air Force Intelligence complex situated on the northern edge of the capital at about 2.30am.

A gunfight ensued and helicopters circled the area, sources said. The attack appeared to mark an escalation in armed confrontations between government and opposition forces instead of clashes involving street protesters.

It is the first time a major security facility has been assaulted in the eight-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

'I heard several explosions, the sound of machinegun fire being exchanged,' one resident, who lives in the suburb of Harasta, said.

There was no immediate report of casualties and the area where the fighting occurred remained inaccessible.

The attack came just day after dozens of soldiers and security forces loyal to President Assad were gunned down by a group of defectors in the southern province of Deera. At least 30 were killed after four hours of fighting. Read More