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Friday, November 4, 2011

Anatoly Moskvina a Russian grave-robber 'lived with 26 female corpses... which he dressed as dolls and teddy bears' - 4th nov 2011

A Russian grave-robber lived with 26 female bodies that he dressed up as dolls and teddy bears, police have discovered.

Anatoly Moskvina dug up the corpses from hundreds of cemeteries and took them to his small, three-bedroom flat in Nizhny Novgorod, according to local media.

He was said to have carried the 'dried up' remains of at least 26 women - all aged between 15 and 26 - in plastic bags.

At his apartment, the twisted 45-year-old apparently dressed the bodies and skeletons in stockings and dresses, and even made one look like a teddy bear. All had died years earlier.

His ghastly obsession was uncovered when Moskvina's parents visited him in the town around 200 miles east of Moscow after returning from a holiday. Read More

Police arrested Moskvina and later released him, but it was not immediately clear what charges he will face.