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Friday, November 4, 2011

5 foot blue shark washes up on a Beach in East Sussex, England - 4th Nov 2011

A dog walker was shocked to discover a five-foot killer shark washed up on a Sussex beach.

The rare Blue Shark had a giant bite mark in its side, meaning it could have been killed by an even bigger predator in the English Channel.

Walker Nikki Lambert showed her find on Camber Sands, East Sussex, to marine biologists who said it could have been attacked by a Great White.

She said: 'I could not quite believe it at first until I got a little closer.

'I have encountered driftwood washed up but not a shark.

'I was told that the only animals who would attack a Blue Shark like this would be a Great White Shark or a Killer Whale.'

Blue Sharks, which can grow up to 12ft long, are not considered to be aggressive but they have attacked and killed humans in other parts of the world. Read More