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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The terrifying moment hundreds of Sikh protesters smashed their way into a community centre in protest at it selling meat and alcohol

Pouring through the gates, these men are part of a mob of religious zealots who went on the rampage in protest at the sale of meat and alcohol in a Sikh community centre.

The CCTV image has been released by police in an attempt to bring to justice the vandals who stormed the building and wrecked the kitchens.

The trouble erupted after managers at the centre agreed to serve alcohol and meat at a private party that night, but practising Sikhs heard about the plan and organised a demonstration.

The protest, in Dudley, West Midlands, is believed to have been attended by members of the UK Sangat organisation. The hardline movement campaigns to prevent the consumption of meat and alcohol, and the breaking of other Sikh rules, on holy land.

After a peaceful start, the protest turned violent and police were unable to hold back the crowd.

In the newly released CCTV images, protesters can be seen forcing their way through a cordon of police officers and storming through the centre gates.

One image shows an angry rioter with a chair raised above his head, as other protesters rampage through the centre causing devastation. Read More