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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hundreds of fish wash up dead along Cougar Creek, Canada - 12th Oct 2011

Scores of dead juvenile Coho, Chum and Cutthroat Trout were spotted this past weekend along a stretch of Cougar Creek.

Passersby noticed the dead fish on the banks of the creek on Saturday afternoon and contacted the Ministry of Environment.

Pete Willows, a salmonid enhancement volunteer with the Cougar Canyon Streamkeepers, and his son Steve brought buckets of rainwater to the scene in a desperate bid to save as many fish as possible.

But it was too late and they only managed to save a handful of fish.

"We were able to save six fish, two Cutthroats, three Coho and the other one was a Brown Bullhead," said Willows.

"We also saved two sticklebacks." It's not known what caused the fish to die.

Ministry of Environment officials weren't available for comment at Now press time. Read More