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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hattie Yvonne Branch, 70, beats down 14 year old kid on school bus

A recently released video shows a former Polk County bus attendant hitting, pushing, biting and pulling the hair of a 14-year-old on the bus.

The incident happened at the end of last school year. Today the bus attendant is facing a child abuse charge.

As the school bus sat in the loading zone at Lakeland High School on June 2nd, the 14-year-old student flipped a 5-year-old boy over the seat. When he did so, the boy's legs hit the bus attendant, and she thinks it was done intentionally.

"He done hit me!" Hattie Yvonne Branch is heard saying on the school bus video. Branch, the bus attendant, is then seen lashing back at the teen.

"Stop, Yvonne! He didn't mean to do that!" pleaded Charlene Wimes, the school bus driver. Wimes tried to stop it, but Branch is seen the video striking the teen and pushing the student into the seats.

"He didn't mean to do it!" Wimes shouted.

"Yes he did!" is Branch's response.

In the video, Branch continues to hit the teen, reportedly biting him twice on his back, leaving teeth marks. She is seen pulling his hair and finally grabbing ahold of him by the neck, before letting go.

We tried speaking to Branch at her home. "I have no comment. Talk with my lawyer," Branch tells 10 News.

"Ms. Branch is sorry about her behavior, that this child got under her skin," says Julia Willamson, Branch's attorney. more