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Thursday, October 13, 2011

El Hierro Update: Sulfur Smell, Dead fish and Heat spots confirm Two eruptions of the Coast of El Hierro

Confirmation came last night of the two eruptions of the Coast of El Hierro, one located 1.5 Miles (3 km) the other 2 Miles (5 km) of the coast of La Restinga, El Hierro. The initial eruption started Sunday.

The scientist have also confirmed that dead fish have been found in the vicinity of the eruptions and have collected samples which are currently being analyzed to be able to get a clearer picture and understanding of these eruptions.

Carmen Lopez from the National Geographic Institute explained that the initial eruption on Sunday was at a depth of 500 meters and felt no need for additional preventive measures or further evacuations.

The Scientists will continue to gather samples from the ongoing eruptions and will closely monitor tremor signals and ground deformation as they know from past experience in the event of Teneguia Volcano , La Palma, they are aware that this type of eruptions and outbreak can occur simultaneously as it did on La Palma, in the past, when 3 eruptions happened simultaneously.

The Director General of Security and Emergency of the Canary Islands, Juan Manuel Santana explained that the area of La Restinga will currently stay on a RED alert level while the rest of the Island will remain on YELLOW as a precautionary measure.

The director of National Geographic Institute in the Canary Islands, Jose Maria Blanco said that even with all the knowledge and instruments at hand, the experts are facing an eruption which is unknown for now. Following a meeting with the Scientific Committee of Pevolca which was attended by the president of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, White explained that the even with the instruments they have to predict and eruption at least 2 months before it takes place, which allows to prepare the population in the area, and admitted "The Truth is that we do not Know" Source