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Thursday, October 13, 2011

El Hierro 2nd eruption Spot doubled in Size in past 3 Hours - 13th Oct 2011

There is now a visible spot off the coast of La Restinga where the 2nd Eruption took place yesterday and it is growing rapidly, Since this morning the spot has doubled in size in a space of 3 hours. The director of the National Geographic Institute in the Canary Islands, Jose Maria Blanco and the head of the Geophysics Department, Carmen Lopez have confirmed that the Spots are the first real evidence that the eruptions have taken place.

Following the analysis of the situation, both scientists have taken water samples which will be analyzed to confirm the existence of magmatic gases, as well as samples from fish that have been found dead and black coral from the area of the eruption.

Carmen Lopez stressed that at present we have a SINGLE eruption with two points of underwater emission which at this point do not require additional preventive measures to the population of El Hierro, However, you can not rule out other points but insisted that the tremor signal has stabilized. Source