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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deer kills owner in horrific 'rag doll' attack with its antlers and hooves, Canada - 12th Oct 2011

A 55-year-old Canadian man died after a violent struggle with a male deer that attacked and killed him with its antlers and hooves, police said.

Donald Dube was killed on Sunday evening as he tried to feed his herd of domesticated deer near his home in Saint-Leonard, New Brunswick.

The attack was so violent that the father-of-three had piercings to his skin and was missing a boot and sock when found, investigators said.

A buck may have pinned Mr Dube to the ground and put its weight on him. It is believed one turned on him while he was feeding them.

His wife, Mona Dube, raised the alarm after he did not return home after going out to feed the animals, reported the Canadian Press.

Police later found his body in a pen near the home. Police Sergeant Marc Violette said bucks try to mate with does around this time of year. Read More