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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dale Farm travellers finally lose battle against eviction as High Court judge rules they delayed challenge for too long - 13th Oct 2011

Residents of Dale Farm, the UK's largest illegal travellers' site, lost their High Court battle against eviction today.

The travellers, who have vowed to lodge another appeal, said that they will stand their ground and cannot be moved until Monday at the earliest

They attempted to block their removal from the controversial site near Basildon, Essex, in three linked applications for judicial review.

The decision means officials will finally be able to evict hundreds of travellers living illegally at the site since 2005 after a legal battle estimated to have cost £18m.

However this afternoon Mr Justice Ouseley, sitting in London, ruled they had delayed too long in challenging Basildon Council's decision to take direct action against them.

He said the travellers were breaking criminal law on a daily basis by remaining on the site and their removal was necessary to avoid 'the criminal law and the planning system being brought into serious disrepute.'

The judge said: 'It is the residents of Dale Farm who have to comply with the obligation to leave voluntarily.

'If the removal becomes forcible it would be because of decisions made by the residents not to comply.' Read More