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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Lisa's mother and mystery man buying baby wipes and wine just hours before her daughter disappeared - 13th Oct 2011

Surveillance video of the mother of missing Lisa Irwin buying baby wipes and wine with a mystery man five hours before her daughter was last seen has been released.

The footage shows Deborah Bradley and the unidentified man, thought to be in his twenties, shopping at a Festival Food store at around 5pm on the day that the 10-month-old disappeared.

The supermarket is around a mile and a half from the home in Kansas City, Missouri, where Bradley says her daughter was abducted.

The release of the video comes as a private investigator has been hired by a mystery benefactor to work with the family to help find their missing daughter.

Bill Stanton , a well-known investigator and former NYPD officer who is known as 'Wild Bill', and his team will start their search today. Read More