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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tampon left schoolgirl, 15, in coma with toxic shock -- Are we poisoning ourselves with our creations?

A teenage girl almost died in a million-to-one case of blood poisoning caused by her tampon.

Paige Roffey, 15, collapsed at her home in Rayleigh, Essex with toxic shock syndrome after using a tampon for just four hours.

She was initially sent home from hospital by doctors who thought she had a virus. But Paige was then rushed back to Southend Hospital after collapsing in the shower.

Paige's mother Sarah, 39, said doctors warned her that Paige was in a critical condition and put her into a coma for two days.

She said: 'I sat beside my daughter's bed and planned her funeral. I didn't think she would make it.'

Thankfully, Paige's condition improved and she was able to leave hospital after 10 days. Now both mother and daughter are keen to highlight the potential dangers of tampons.

Toxic shock syndrome is an extremely rare but severe illness caused by bacterial toxins. It affects as few as 20 people a year and is caused by a trauma such as a burn or an insect bite. Only around two cases a year have a possible tampon link.

Most warnings about the dangers of TSS risk are about leaving tampons in place for too long,

But experts say the condition can develop in some young women after just a few hours if they don't have enough antibodies to fight any infection they cause. more