"Just after midday, we received a report that an adult male had been bitten by a shark," said spokesperson Craig Lambinon.

"The man is currently in a critical condition, the NSRI and emergency officials are currently attending to him," he added, according to News24.

Officials have urged the public to stay out of the water along the False bay coast.

Lambinon said the man was swimming fairly far out when he was attacked.

"At 10.45 this morning, the shark spotters sighted the shark and closed the beach to users," read a press release by the City of Cape Town.

"The white shark flag was raised and the siren was set off. When the victim entered the water, the beach was still closed and the shark flag indicating the presence of a white shark was flying," it continued.

"The shark spotter stationed on the beach was warned by the shark spotter on the mountain that someone had entered the water. The shark spotter then ran to Clovelly Corner to try and get the swimmer out of the water, but the attack took place before he could reach him." Source