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Friday, September 16, 2011

School minivan with capacity of 8 carries 66 in China

A school minivan with a capacity of eight persons was overloaded with 66 kids recently in Qianan, north China's Hebei Province, local police said.

Policemen of Qianan Traffic Police Brigade stopped a minivan that was suspected of overload and they were shocked to discover a large group of kids, four or fives years old, packed like sardines inside the minivan.

"There were 64 kids on the minivan with a capacity of eight persons besides a driver and a teacher," said Li Bing, policeman of Qianan Police Brigade.

The driver had removed the seats of the minivan and placed many benches instead to take more kids.

Policemen dispatched 12 police cars to sent the 64 kids home.

The driver was punished according to related laws and regulations. more