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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rebecca Zahau Screams for help were reported TWICE to the Police, but went ignored, Claims Witness - 23rd Sept 2011

A witness who claims to have heard a 'scream for help' hours before the girlfriend of pharmaceuticals tycoon Jonah Shacknai was found dead at

his California mansion has said they were ignored by police twice.

The informant, who has not been identified, told RadarOnline that they tried to report the information to police on two occasions but were 'blown off'.

The person contacted the family of the dead woman, Rebecca Zahau, on Wednesday with the information, which casts doubt on the conclusion that she committed suicide.

'This witness is credible and their information has been verified, so one is left to wonder why police did not listen to this individual,' a member of the Zahau family told RadarOnline.

'The witness' information contradicts the theory released by the sheriff's department and questions the timeline, as police claimed.

'We are left asking, why was this person not taken seriously?'

According to the witness, they heard a scream from the mansion in Coronado, California at 11pm.

Police concluded that Zahau, 32, committed suicide at 3am after hearing that her step-son Max, six, who had been injured in an accident at the mansion days earlier, was about to die. Read More