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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pollution fears as 10km of river runs orange between Abergarwed and Neath, South Wales - 24th Sept 2011

INVESTIGATIONS are being carried out to find out the reason a 10km stretch of the River Neath turned orange.

Pollution has affected the river between Abergarwed and Neath.

Initial investigations from Environment Agency officers have revealed a number of fish in distress, and the agency is looking into the feasibility of conducting a fish rescue.

Officers are also working to trace the source of the pollution and say they will take necessary action to protect the environment.

Abergarwed resident Cliff Davies, 72, said he suspected the pollution could be from a local mine and the colour caused by iron ore.

"The mountain is riddled with old mines," he said.

"There was a rumble at around 11am, and there was a tremendous amount of water.

"We were concerned about it because of the water levels.

"The last time this happened was about 20 years ago when the community experienced flooding from the stream."

Mr Davies said although the water levels had dropped the colour had remained.

"There is severe pollution," he said. "It is bright orange."

Fisherman Lee Jefford, from Aberdulais, 29, said: "It was nice and clear water and then I could see it turning brown.

"I could see fish gasping for air. It was so sudden.

"I have seen around 40 to 50 dead fish, but there are probably a lot more smaller fish that have died. Read More