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Friday, September 16, 2011

Poll reveals Hilary Clinton is America's most popular politician - and a third wish she were President...She isn't President?

The most popular national political figure in America today is Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Despite being rejected by her own party three years ago Clinton is thought of favourably by nearly two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent poll.

One-third say the U.S. would be better off now if she had become president in 2008 instead of Barack Obama.

Support for Hilary has increased since July 2010 when a quarter of Americans held such a view, according to the Bloomberg National Poll.

Susan Dunlop, 50, a housewife in New Port Richey, Florida told Bloomberg News: 'Looking back, I wonder if she would have been a stronger leader, knowing the games and the politics and all that goes on. 'I don’t think she would have bent as much.'

Clinton, 63, a former first lady and U.S. senator from New York, fought with Obama for the Democratic nomination until June 2008, in what was often a combative primary that included her questioning his presidential readiness.

While 34 percent say things would be better under a Clinton administration, almost half -- 47 percent -- say things would be about the same and 13 percent say worse. Read More