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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Police hunt thugs who chop off heads of pheasants 'for sport' - 24th Sept 2011

These two men are wanted by police for killed five pheasants and cutting off their heads - in the latest attacks on innocent birds.

The pair were seen between 5pm and 6pm on August 21, with a small boy, near to large wire pens containing young pheasants at woods on private land near Flitwick, Beds.

Not long after they appeared on the CCTV, the gamekeeper walked past the pens and found five pheasants had been killed, apparently with a weapon like a catapult.

The heads of the birds had been removed, and police believe the act may have been some sort of sport.

PC Jon Birch wants anyone who can identify the men to call 01234 842616.

It is the lastest in a string of attacks on wildlife around England.

In June, thugs beheaded birds, poisoned fish and smashed 130 windows during a night rampage through a wildlife centre in Wythenshawe Park, Manchester. Read More