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Friday, September 30, 2011

Passengers use bottled water to get overheated train started due to UK heatwave

Passengers donated bottles of drinking water to get their train working again after it broke down because of the heatwave.

The National Express East Anglia train ground to a halt under the baking midday sun outside Ipswich, in Suffolk, after coolant levels dropped causing the engine to cut out.

Bemused passengers sitting in the stuffy carriages heard a desperate plea over the tannoy from the driver for bottled water as temperatures soared over 21 degrees (70f).

One passenger reported the message as: ''Has anyone got any bottles of water we can use to get the train going again?''

The water was collected and fed into the coolant before the train restarted to finish the journey at around 12.30pm on Tuesday.

Peter Meades of National Express East Anglia praised the train crew and passengers for saving the journey.

He said: ''We're very grateful to passengers on the train who willingly came forward to assist the train crew in offering bottles of water which enabled the driver to restore the coolant levels, following a fault that occurred with the engine of the train.''

When the train returned to Ipswich there was found to be a leak in a pipe which was fixed by a technician to return the train to normal service.

The balmy conditions are set to continue into the weekend, which is likely to see many sun-seekers heading to parks, rivers and coastal areas.

However, Plymouth City Council has announced that its gritting lorries will be on standby for snow from this Saturday.