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Friday, September 16, 2011

Panic in Malegaon, India, as Over 100 students are hospitalised for food poisoning - 15th Sept 2011

Panic runs deep in Malegaon after more than hundred school students September 15 complained of nausea and began vomiting after having mid-day meal in a local school located in slum area. They were rushed to the hospital immediately.

"Till now more than 100 school students have been brought to the Malegaon General Hospital. They are suffering from nausea, tachycardia and gastritis", Resident Medical Officer of the hospital Dr. Dange said while speaking to

"This may have been happened because of food poisoning. But no child is serious. We are giving emergency treatment to everyone", he added.

Additional Superintendent of Police Chandrashekhar Chougale said that trouble began today in the afternoon when school students complained of nausea after having the food served by the school and were rushed to the general hospital.

Talking to, eyewitnesses said trouble began at around 12:00 PM when after having the mid-day meal school students of Jamhoor High School located in the slum area of Malegaon complained of uneasiness and began vomiting.

"As usual he had taken the khichdi served by the school but began vomiting immediately after that", Sani Aslam Khan, mother of Sajid Khan (10), told Sajid Khan is now being treated in the hospital.

Soon after this people started gathering inside the school compound and demanded action against the concerned teachers. As a result, the staff were forced to lock themselves in a room. Police came and control the mob while ambulances began shifting the students to the hospital. Read More