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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Massapequa Park To Use Sensors To Detect Illegally Parked Vehicles

Be careful where you decide to park your car.

Massapequa Park will be the first Long Island municipality to use electronic sensors embedded in the street to detect illegally parked vehicles.

Police can quickly slap a $25 fine on the vehicle after the wireless discs notify them of the violation by transmitting a signal to the officers’ cellphones.

Officials said the new technology has nothing to do with raising revenue. Officials also said the electronic sensors would only be installed in fire and handicapped parking zones, crosswalks and turn light areas in addition to corner radiuses.

“For us it’s a safety issue,” Mayor James Altadonna Jr. told CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Altadonna said the new system comes in response to a rash of illegally parked cars that’s resulted in all sorts of problems.‪

“They’re parking in front of fire hydrants. They’re parking in front of cross walks,” he said.

Add to that budget cuts that have reduced the number of code enforcement officers to just four and village officials say the new system is necessary.‪