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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Man stung to death as he cleaned his bee hive - 27th Sept 2011

The autopsy is being done today on a man who apparently died after he was attacked by bees as he 'cleaned' a hive on his property.

Reports are unsure what exactly Bruce Madiar, 62, was trying to do with the hive, but he was found Monday evening holding a can of bee spray.

His intentions are not the only confusing aspect of the case as there is some question over how many times he was stung. Initial reports from the medical examiner's office said that he was stung 'multiple' times, but police reports from those who found him dead did not see any bee stings or swelling.

'It’s too soon to tell anything,' police spokesman John Lawson said to local newspaper The Daily Herald.

'He could have had a heart attack and we have no idea until the autopsy is complete.'

Bee sting allergies that cause fatal reactions to the stings- as seen in the popular Nineties movie My Girl- are extremely rare and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, only about two in every 1,000 people are allergic.

Mr Madiar was probably not one of those two either, as his wife said that she did not think he was allergic. Read More