Friday, September 30, 2011

Kim Jong-II spends £120,000 on food for his dogs, as six million North Koreans starve - 30th Sept 2011

While his nation starves, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il has been spending £120,000 a year on his dogs, it has been revealed.

The allegations were made in a report presented to the country's parliament leaked by a South Korean MP.

Nearly six million North Koreans - a quarter of the population - live in extreme poverty due to food shortages in the country.

A third of children under five are reported to suffer from malnutrition.

MP Yoon Sang Hyun said the dictator's regime had purchased around 600 bottles of fine French wine that were consumed at parties for senior party and military officials last year.

He said the dictator had also imported several dozen Russian horses, and bought ten US jet skis for his son and heir Kim Jong Eun.

Most of the luxury goods had been purchased through China - the North's sole major ally, and Russia, he said.

If found to be true, the dictator's actions will have breached United Nations Security Council sanctions banning the export of luxury items to the communist state

The sanctions were imposed after the North's missile and nuclear tests.

Mr San Hyun, a member of the ruling conservative Grand National Party in South Korea said: 'The luxury life for Kim Jong-il's family goes on regardless of the worsening suffering of North Koreans amid the third-generation succession.' Source