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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Judge 'Graham Hume Jones' lets net sex predator 'Callum Dower' keep Facebook... to preserve his social life - 24th Sept 2011

A teenager who used Facebook to groom young boys, some of whom he later molested, can continue to use social networking sites, a judge ruled yesterday.

Callum Dower, 19, used the site to encourage youths to send him naked pictures. If they rejected his advances, he would pose as a girl and try again.

He went on to molest one boy in a supermarket toilet, and another in his car after allowing him to drive it in a car park.

Judge Graham Hume Jones sentenced the ‘extremely manipulative’ Dower to a three-year community order for child sex and pornography offences.

However, he agreed with defence barrister Patrick Mason’s claim that a ban from using social networking websites would be ‘particularly excessive’, and deprive the defendant of the ‘social traffic’ taken for granted by his peers.

Dower had admitted six charges of making an indecent image of a child, five charges of causing or inciting a child to take part in pornography and two charges of sexual activity with a child. Taunton Crown Court also heard that he had previously been warned by police about his affection for teenage boys. Read More

Note: I wonder how much goes unreported to the police because of our weak justice on child abuse?