Friday, September 30, 2011

Judge blasts EU rules which mean Romanian conman jailed for cash machine scam will be free to remain in Britain when he is released - 30th Sept 2011

A judge today blasted EU laws which will allow a Romanian con man who came to Britain solely to carry out a cash machine scam to stay in the country after being released from jail.

Judge Graham Cottle was told Ion Matei is free to return to the UK after he is released from prison -despite being a convicted criminal.

Con man Matei used mousetrap paper to line cash machines so when people tried to withdraw money, their notes became stuck and did not emerge.

People walked away thinking the machine was broken and the 34-year-old married Romanian would then remove the paper and pulled out the dispensed notes which were stuck to it.

Judge Cottle questioned lawyers whether there was any way of preventing Matei from coming back to Britain when he is released from the 12 month jail sentence he imposed.

The judge was told that under EU law Matei would be free to stay or return to Britain.

Judge Cottle told him: 'Your sole purpose to come to these shores was to commit crime. Read More