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Saturday, September 24, 2011

India flight-tests Shaurya missile - 24th Sept 2011

India on Saturday flight-tested state-of-the-art nuclear capable Shaurya missile from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur off Orissa coast, about 15 km from Balasore.

The surface-to-surface missile took off from an underground silo at the launch complex-3 in the ITR at about 2:28pm, defence sources said.

It was the second developmental trial of the missile. The first test of the missile was successfully conducted on November 12, 2008 from the same base, they said.

"This developmental flight trial is part of the on-going technology refinement work undertaken by the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO)," said a defense official.

The sophisticated missile combines simplicity of operation with low maintenance. It can be easily handled, transported and stored within the canister for longer shelf life, he said.

The high maneuverability of the missile makes it less vulnerable to available anti-missile defense systems.

Shaurya, which can carry a one-tonne nuclear and conventional warhead over 750 kilometers, is powered by two-stage solid fuel. Read More