Friday, September 30, 2011

Human Rights Act strikes again as the E.U. orders Britain: Let migrants claim benefits as soon as they arrive in UK - 30th Sept 2011

Europe has given Britain two months to scrap policies preventing benefit tourists claiming billions of pounds in handouts.

Last night the European Commission said it would take the Government to court unless it draws up plans to axe restrictions on claims by immigrants, saying they are against the law and must be scrapped.

Brussels bureaucrats acted after receiving a complaint that the rules infringed the human rights of EU citizens.

It is feared the change could open the door to tens of thousands of Eastern Europeans who are currently deterred from coming to Britain – costing taxpayers up to £2.5billion a year in extra welfare payments.

At present a ‘habitual residency’ test is used to establish whether EU migrants are eligible for benefits. Read More

Note: Do you all honestly think that Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany or even Spain do this? For example in the Netherlands will get help if you have worked a minimum of 1 year on contract, if you arrive as a immigrant with no work and are unable to find work, you will not receive any financial assistance until you have been in the country for 5 years.

Brussels have a great way of dictating to the rest of us, with a European president that the people didn't vote for and most won't even be able to name him.

Europe is a failed experiment, the day they will finally admit to this is the day when governments can start concentrating on sorting their own countries out without the dictation and interference of Brussels Bureaucrats.