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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hallmark Produces Layoff Greeting Cards

MELISSA BLOCK, host: Picture a greeting card with a photo of a Persian cat's scowling face on the front. Heard about your job, it says. Open it up, it reads: Is there anywhere I could hack up a hairball, like, say, on a former employer's head? Just wondering. That's from a line of job loss greeting cards from Hallmark, some offering humor, others compassion. Timely in this period of nine percent unemployment.

Here's Derek McCracken, creative director with Hallmark, reading from another card. This one has a lemon on the front.

DEREK MCCRACKEN: Life gave her a lemon, a really big lemon. She started to make lemonade, but then she thought, what the heck, and made a martini with a twist instead. And on the inside, it says, I think you'll handle this like you do everything else - in your own unique way and everything will be more than okay.

And what consumers have said is that validates who the person is versus what they do and, you know, a cocktail never hurts.

BLOCK: Yeah, what is the idea behind the cards? What's the message that you think you're trying to send?

MCCRACKEN: A job loss is temporary and that it doesn't define the person.

BLOCK: If I were to go looking for these cards at a Hallmark store, where would I find them? What would the little note be above them? If some would say, sympathy or birthday or wedding, what would these say?

MCCRACKEN: It would range from appropriate for job loss. They might say encouragement. They might say, tough time, you can do it. So, we kind of focus on the hopeful side of things versus dwelling on the situation. more