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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fireman kept six women as slaves for two years in underground dungeon, China - 24th Sept 2011

The hostesses in the karaoke bars of Luoyang city in China's Henan province were the prey for Li Hao.

The former firefighter, 34, cruised the joints, picking his targets and then kidnapping them to inflict regular abuse of gut-wrenching depravity.

Two of the six sex slaves that Li allegedly kept in hideous underground confinement died, but four have now been rescued from their suffering.

Today, we are able to show an artist's impression of the two 'unimaginably sophisticated' small rooms in which the women were said to have been held, and the barbarity becomes horribly clear.

The secret rooms, dug four metres under his rented basement and hidden behind seven iron doors, were located in a residential complex away from his home, where his wife and son lived unaware of the alleged kidnappings, said the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper.

A police official confirmed that a man who works for the city's technological supervision bureau had been taken into custody.

The paper reported that Li regularly raped the nightclub and karaoke bar workers and would give them food only once every two days to keep them physically weak. Read More