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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emergency Military Unit heads for El Hierro as earthquakes increase in Strength - 28th Sept 2011

Two Military response units will be dispatched today from Tenerife to the island of El Hierro, to assist in evacuation activities as the seismic activity has increased in strength during with 368 earthquakes registering in the past 24 hours of which more than 20 were 3+ magnitude.

The application was requested by the government of the Canary Islands and is supported by the Ministry of Defence, who will assist in the emergency evacuation of the citizens of El Hierro.

The first evacuation will take place today with the help of 31 soldiers, four buses and 6 trucks, residents will be moved to the Barracks located in La Caleta, at the same time the military is responsible of installing a camp that can house 2.000 people.

The minister has made it clear that this is part of 'Prevention against possible Risk' and that no eruption has taken place.