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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

El Hierro Swarm finally being reported in the has only taken them 3 Months to catch on

We have been tracking and reporting on this swarm for months, not one news channel thought it alarming or important enough to report on, now they come out today saying things like "Imminent Eruption" this has not been reported in the Spanish news. Facts:
  • 31 Soldiers have arrived in assisting evacuation plans for 2000 - 4000 residents.
  • They are NOT there because of a Imminent Eruption the Alert Level is YELLOW 15% chance of eruption.
  • The President of the Council insists that El Hierro will not erupt, if it does erupt it will not be a violent eruption. (This is straight from the Committee of Scientists)
  • The chances of an eruption is still at 15% and if it does occur it will hit a 200 meter volcano on El Hierro.
  • The evacuation is due to landslides due to the increased seismic activity than the thought of a eruption.
Here is the mainstream news take on the situation after ignoring the swarm for 3 months:

Evacuation of smallest Canary Island begins after earthquake 'swarm' sparks fears of volcanic eruption

A holiday island popular with Britons is preparing for a mass evacuation because of a possible volcanic eruption.

Experts have recorded 150 tremors on El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, since yesterday - raising fears of an imminent eruption.

Last night 53 people were ordered out of their homes over fears of landslides and the army has been called in to prepare for a possible evacuation.

Schools on the tiny island, home to 10,000 people, have been closed and a tunnel linking the two main towns - Frontera and Valverde - has been shut.

Volcano expert Juan Carlos Carrecedo said: 'There is a ball of magma rising to the surface producing a series of ruptures which generate seismic activity.

'We don't know if that ball of magma will break through the crust and cause an eruption.'

But he warned an eruption was possible 'in days, weeks or months'. Read More