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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dozens of Protesters were killed in Yemen's capital today - 24th Sept 2011

A few dozen people were killed in Yemen's capital on Saturday as protesters took to the streets and government Republican Guards clashed with Yemeni soldiers who support the opposition.

At least 26 protesters were killed when security forces fired at them and rockets landed in Sanaa's Change Square, according to medical staffers there. Change Square is the epicenter of the opposition movement in the capital. At least 52 protesters were injured.

Twelve dissident soldiers were killed and 112 others were injured when the guards attacked the 1st armored division in Sanaa, an army unit that defected, a spokesman for the defectors said.

"More than 93 rockets bombarded the 1st division and many of the injured are in critical condition," said Abdul Ghani al-Shamiri, a spokesman for Gen. Ali Mohsen, a prominent defector who leads the division.

Republican Guards were attacking a location in another city, Taiz, a medic there said. There were no further details. Read More