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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK riots: David Cameron condemns sick society as grammar school girl as well as boy of 11 in court over riots

They were, some told us, the alienated poor, those without hope, lashing out in rage and despair. But as the accused London rioters started appearing in court they included university students, a rich businessman’s daughter and a boy of 11.

At Highbury Corner magistrates, the custody vans queued in the street and the paperwork poured across every spare surface yesterday.

They had been working all night, even as the roads fell silent and the local shopkeepers boarded themselves in. “Have you been home yet?” asked a dazed-looking court official to her colleague.

By the end of the day in London, 805 people had been arrested in connection with violence, disorder and looting since Saturday and 251 had been charged.

Here in court, as David Cameron condemned the “sickness” in parts of British society, we saw clearly, for the first time, the face of the riot: stripped of its hoods and masks, dressed in white prison T-shirts and handcuffed to burly security guards. It was rather different from the one we had been expecting.

Among the accused was, for instance, Laura Johnson, the 19-year-old daughter of a successful company director. She lives in a detached converted farmhouse in Orpington, Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court. (more)