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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Asian men killed after being struck by car in hit-and-run attack 'as they protected their neighbourhood from mob of looters' - 10th Aug 2011

Three men died after they were hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident in Birmingham in the early hours of this morning.

The trio - two brothers, aged 25 and 21, and a friend - had just emerged from a mosque and were on the streets protecting their car wash business after the previous night's violence, according to a family member.

Kabir Khan Isakhel, a relative of one of the dead brothers, told Sky News this morning that two cars had approached at high speed and struck the trio.

He said: 'They were not in the way or blocking the road. The car swerved towards them. They went flying up in the air.'

A police source said: 'As far as we understand, there was an altercation in the street in the early hours of the morning, and these three men were allegedly mown down by one man in one car.

'It's difficult to say at the moment whether the incident is linked to earlier unrest, but we are investigating.'

The Birmingham Mail has reported local social media accounts that the deceased had been involved in a brawl with looters as they defended property from rioters.

The trio were hit by the car while on Dudley Road, near the Jet Filling Station, close to the border with Cape Hill in Smethwick. Read More