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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Riot 'Fightback': All Police Leave Cancelled - 10th Aug 2011

All police leave has been cancelled as the Prime Minister pledged to give officers whatever they need to combat rioting and looting.

The Home Secretary has ordered force chiefs to halt "all police leave" to deal with the disorder in England, which has now gone on for four straight nights.

Theresa May has said "maximising the police presence on the street must be a priority" in affected areas during a meeting with chief constables.

David Cameron declared a "fightback" was under way against the perpetrators of the violence and said water cannon were being made available at 24 hours' notice.

Speaking after he chaired the Government's second emergency Cobra meeting, Mr Cameron added: "It is clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society."

Sky's Martin Brunt says the option of water cannon will not be popular with all police officers.

"I think there are some chief constables who will say it is not a brilliant idea because they are very blunt weapons and they can only really be used in a big space," he said. Read More